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Our Team

I always envisaged creating a corporation with a competitive environment guided with ideas of globalization and grounded in the reality of professionalism.

It is our belief that the first duty of our firm is to upload respect and dignity for the individual. Our core staff walks out every evening mentally and physically tired. But we make sure that these assets of our firm return well rested, energetic and enthusiastic the next morning.

A strong team is essential for every architectural experiment to succeed and Hiren Patel architects bring together a set of complementary skills, expertise and experience.

We normally disagree with each other as long as we are not disagreeable. This spurs the growth of our firm and balances the learning quotient without any personal prejudice.

Our team is a collection of people who has experience in time and project management, advanced computer skills in addition to sound architectural skills.

Our office is a workshop for experimentation where innovative ideas and unusual solutions thrive. Our work creed is speed, imagination and excellence in execution. In fact, a collective scintillating imagination has been our most crucial success factor.

We proudly say that we have struck a wonderful balance in melding all strata of employs from a peon to the architects into a powerful team that works for you.

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